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Students for Chief Illiniwek (SFCI) is a campus RSO dedicated to preserving the honor and dignity of the Chief Illiniwek tradition, while fighting for its eventual return as the rightful symbol of our University and state of Illinois.  SFCI works with the community organization Honor the Chief Society (HTCS) as well as the Council of former chief portrayers to ensure that the Chief tradition remains active on campus and in the community. With the support of our sponsors and the student body, our beloved symbol continues to stand for the same proud values and reflect the best qualities of our community and history. SFCI is also active in outreach, providing a source of education and factual knowledge for those unaware or misguided about the Chief tradition.  The organization sponsors outreach in the community through educational speeches and events all across the state for local organizations and high schools.  Additionally, SFCI gives back to the Native community through fundraisers and community service.

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